I received an unlisted video from Mr Beast and Mark Rober, two of the most popular content creators on YouTube. They were looking for video creators to help them share their mission to remove 30,000,000 pounds of plastic from the ocean.

How are they going to do it? Trash-eating robots.

These robots are manufactured by the Ocean Conservancy, and they pledged to remove 1 pound of plastic from the world’s most polluted rivers for every dollar that YouTube raised at TeamSeas.org, up to $30mm.


As of today, there have been 16k videos posted on YouTube under the hashtag #TeamSeas. Everyone was contacted early in October, to give them time to plan their video and schedule it for release on the same day.

I contributed a 1-minute YouTube Short:


The movement had very strategic marketing:

  • Top-level influencers were the spokespeople for the campaign
  • Lower-level influencers were enrolled to advocate
  • There was a specific deadline date for participation
  • Clear instructions were given to participate
  • No financial requirements or compensation
  • The hashtag, website, and social accounts had unified branding
  • Credibility was borrowed from an existing organization
  • No political charge or dispute in the issue or the science

This campaign has already been hugely successful, and I’m confident they will meet their fundraising goal. (Maybe you can help?)

I’m a tiny fish over on YouTube, compared to some of the major players that participated in this event. I just happen to be using a YouTube service that caters to those kinds of people: TubeBuddy. I’m on their newsletter list (to be honest, with half a million unread emails in my inbox, it feels like I am on EVERYBODY’s newsletter list) and that’s how I heard about this campaign.

It was fun to participate, but it was even more fun to watch it unfold, from a marketing perspective. I love watching great campaigns happen in the wild.

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