Three years ago, I fell severely ill with an autoimmune disorder. I’ll spare you the details (but they were bloody uncomfortable). This illness transformed my life. It also transformed my body:

For someone who is used to being strong and having high endurance, the change was drastic. I used to rely on my American work ethic to get through any problem. If I worked hard enough, and long enough, I could power through any difficulty in front of me with diligence.

Now I can’t.

Some days, I have six good hours to get things done, and make things happen. Some days, I have three. Or less. I can’t take on too many projects, or I will complete none of them. My priorities are no longer abundant; I can only agree to do what is most important. Anything else is extracurricular, and when I fall ill, I must be ruthless in deciding what not to do.

Chronic fatigue is a constant companion who requires that I listen closely. If I ignore my symptoms, I quickly lose all my energy (and all my weight). Any plans are flushed when that happens. The only way I am able to stay afloat is by focusing on what matters most.

Being busy is like drowning. The ocean of tasks can overwhelm you, and no matter how much energy you expend, at the end of the day you still find yourself underwater.

A system for productivity is like wearing a life jacket. No matter how the ocean swells, or how much busy-ness comes your way, you remain floating serenely on the top.

Managing the ebb and flow of daily life – my work, my household, my chores, my self-care, and my play – has required that I find a way to float above it all. That’s what I’ve done with the 4 Levels of Productivity.


If you want to climb your way up this ladder, my free Masterclass, The 4 Levels of Productivity, will teach you how these three systems can get you there:

  • Getting Things Done
  • First Things First
  • The 4 Disciplines of Execution

I will be reviewing the content and systems of these 3 books, as well as sharing dozens of practical tools that I use in my own work and life. Click below to register.

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