Joining Fizzle has made a major difference in my business.

I’ve had coaches before, and I’ve paid for marketing courses before, but there is no single thing I have ever done that has been as valuable for my business as joining Fizzle. This review is going to go over some of the specific things that I use Fizzle for, and list some of the other benefits of membership. I don’t even take advantage of all the features that Fizzle offers. Fizzle membership is pretty broad, and provides you access to lots of different things.

Everybody uses Fizzle differently, and gets value out of different parts of it. This review covers the 5 parts of Fizzle that matter the most to me and my business.

In this Fizzle review, I’ve also included a bunch of graphics that I’ve made (I like making social media graphics) out of some of my favorite quotes from the Fizzle Podcast over the last 170+ episodes. I learned a lot about how to make this graphics inside of Fizzle, and I daresay I’m a much better blogger now than I was when I joined. review corbett-barr-quote-4-min

Joining Fizzle Benefit # 1 – Weekly Group Coaching

The biggest benefit I have seen from having a coach is being accountable, and checking in with someone regularly who knows your business and knows your trajectory.

This is why mastermind groups and networking groups are so valuable. When somebody hears you talk about your business week-in and week-out for months at a time, they get to know you, and what you’re all about. When you throw out an idea about where you could go with your business, they can give you high-level feedback.

Every Friday one of the core team members fires up a webinar and invites anyone in the Fizzle membership to hop on. (Core team members are co-founders Corbett Barr and Chase Reeves, and have included Steph Crowder, Barrett Brooks, and Caleb Wojcik.) During each one of these weekly coaching sessions, Fizzlers can ask some questions about problems they are facing with their business, and get specific advice and resources. Any one of the Fizzle crew could be a fantastic business coach if they were solo – but they’re not (lucky you and me) so we can get weekly coaching from them for just $35 a month.

There is no coaching program that offers targeted tactical advice that cheap, and Fizzle Fridays alone are worth the price of admission. review barrett-brooks-quote-1-min

Joining Fizzle Benefit # 2 – The Course Library

For years the Fizzle crew has been making courses on topics that are useful for independent entrepreneurs. Here’s a list of a just few:

  • Defining Your Audience
  • Advanced Podcasting
  • Shareable Images for Blogs & Social Media
  • Start A Blog That Matters
  • Choosing A Topic
  • Affiliate Marketing The Smart Way
  • Build Your Email List
  • Connect With Anyone

There’s a total of 32 courses in the library right now, and they add more courses all the time. These are high-quality video courses, and many are short, usually 5-8 minutes per lesson. I can typically go through an entire course in a dedicated afternoon or two, or space it out over lunch breaks for a week.

Other courses are long; the Start A Blog That Matters course is a 12-week epic journey of blogcraft. This course walks you through all the steps from idea to finished blog.

You don’t have to wade through a bunch of filler to get to the good stuff, though; they distill their courses down to just the good stuff. In addition to the friendly videos, they also give you worksheets and resources and all sorts of great ways to augment the experience. Anytime I want to study something that matters to my business, there’s a good chance I can look it up in the Fizzle course library and get taught what I need to know.

These courses aren’t sold individually; it’s all included in the membership.

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Joining Fizzle Benefit # 3 – The Forums

It’s been said that Fizzlers often join for the courses, and stick around for the forums.

Spending a bit of time in there every week gives you new internet friendships, and cracks open the really interesting conversations that can happen when you have a population of internet entrepreneurs.

We can dispense with the typical explanation period that precedes any explanation of what we’re facing in our businesses, when talking to a Muggle; in the forums, you can ask a really specific, arcane question and get responses from people who are on the same journey as you.

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Joining Fizzle Benefit # 4 – Weekly Progress Log

This has probably been the most useful part of the Fizzle membership for me, and it came from an offhand suggestion in one of their newsletters. I don’t recall the exact wording, but it was along the lines of, “Make an appointment with yourself to write in your Progress Log every week.”

Make an appointment. I can do that.

Every week, I programmed a recurring task to show up in my task manager. It says, “Write in Progress Log,” and it has a link to the forum post where I write about my goals for my project every week. Other people occasionally comment on my Progress Log with encouragement, but this long forum thread is usually just me thinking out loud about where I am with my project, and where I want to go next.

Just by having this weekly level of accountability, I’ve been able to keep the pulse of my project stable, when I otherwise would have wandered off and done other things. I’ve found it extremely helpful to see my goals from last week, and take a moment of reflection to assess how much progress I’ve made recently, and how much further I have yet to go. review barrett-brooks-quote-3-min

Joining Fizzle Benefit # 5 – The Podcast

I listened to the podcast for a few months before I finally tried the membership, and honestly, the free podcast has so much useful material (and it is really entertaining) that you should probably start there.

I feel into this podcast unexpectedly. I don’t even like podcasts! Listening to them has always been a chore – except for this one. With this podcast, I can do two things simultaneously:
1. Get entertained by their goofy jokes and funny detours of conversation
2. Get educated about things that matter to an independent entrepreneur.

Their topics are all over the place, to an outsider; but to someone who runs their own business from a laptop, these topics are all things that we need to figure out or deal with, and the Fizzle crew takes these issues on and provides valuable insight in a hilarious package.

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What Joining Fizzle Did For My Business

I’ve taken a number of detours with my business since I joined. (If you’re a Fizzler, you can review my Progress Logs here, here, and here.)

When I joined, I was a multimedia digital producer newly transplanted from Costa Rica, and I was trying to pivot. WDS and Pioneer Nation didn’t help; I went down this rabbit hole with Father Fitness, which became, and I diligently applied the wisdom and tactics in Fizzle courses to make that whole project happen.

Then, earlier this year, I launched my Minimum Viable Product. This is the smallest version of your product that a customer could pay for, and I made the 5-Day Father Fitness Program. Launched to crickets. Thought about scaling up, and when I looked up at where it could possibly lead, all paths led to one destination: coaching.

I’m not a coach. I’m a web designer.

I was spending so much time working on fatherhood and personal development, I neglected my actual business. So I pulled back, looked at my strengths and my market, and decided to pivot to Wellness Website Design.

Every week, I jumped on Fizzle Friday to talk through transition with an excellent business coach, and I didn’t have to pay hundreds of dollars every month for it. A transition that could have taken me years only took me weeks, because I had good guidance, from people who could ask me one targeted question that pushed me in the right direction for the week.

I’m writing this review to close out this blog; I don’t know that I’ll need to blog over here anymore. I’ve got plenty of other places to write, and writing this review of feels like I’ve hit the right transition point, to finally leave it behind. review chase-reeves-quote-2-min Review Conclusion: You Should Join

If you are an entrepreneur, and you’ve read this far into my review, chances are you’re doing some digging. If you’re wondering if it’s right for you, I can’t answer that for you – but with 5 weeks of Free Fizzle, you can find out for yourself.

You can go right ahead and try their 5-week free trial if you like. This is my affiliate link:

Using this link means that, at no additional cost to you, Fizzle provides a discount to my membership for every new person I refer who joins and becomes a member. There are a few Fizzlers who have earned “Free Fizzle For Life” by getting enough other people to join.

I’d like to be one of those Fizzlers. So, what do you say, was this review worth it? Will you come and see me in the forums?

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