Video by Caelan Huntress:

Music by akshara weave

Part of my morning meditation practice is to focus on each one of my chakras.

By visualizing the colors and chanting the sounds associated with each of these energy centers, we can cleanse and strengthen the spirit that inhabits our mortal shell.

The excellent 10-minute chakra meditation mp3 by Akshara Weave slowly moves up each chakra in turn, surrounding you with the sounds associated with each chakra.

These sounds are a powerful method to augment your meditation practice. By listening to them daily, your chakras gradually become brighter and more open.

To further this augmentation, I put together a few chakra images into the short video above.

By meditating with this video regularly, you can imprint the symbol of each chakra upon your subconscious mind. This becomes useful when you are deep in meditation, and you wish to focus your attention upon a single chakra. The symbol (and the sounds) will be there to support your wandering consciousness, to give it an anchor and a purpose, to direct the mighty tide of the subconscious mind through the gateway of your own chakras.