I rise at 5 am.

My alarm goes off 15 minutes prior, and as I snooze, I lie in bed reciting affirmations to myself, through the open door of my subconscious mind.

“I love my life.”

“I believe something wonderful will happen to me today.”

“I am so grateful for my life.”

“I breathe in joy and gratitude.”

My gratitudes roll around in my mind like a candy that I savor.

The second alarm invites me to go into the shower, to slide into wakefulness with the elemental power of water. Fuzzy-headed and exalted with gratitude, I marvel at the engineering and manpower that has led to my casual command that water should fall from the sky.

I dress in simple garb, and make my way out into the wilds of Costa Rica, to watch the sunrise over the mountain range in the far distance.

Once, I saw the shadow of Mount Chirripo cast against the morning clouds.

Mt Chirripo sunrise

That shadow on the clouds? That’s the tallest mountain in Central America.

While I meditate, guided by a playlist of tracks that serves as the metronome for my morning meditation rituals, birds are singing all around me, waking to greet the day. Flocks of parrots fly over my head, toucans calling to each other in the distance, and the warm sunshine beats down upon my face as I greet the day with meditation.

The paved drive goes up to the summit, where I can look down into the valley of San Isidro, and watch the sun rise over the Chirripo mountains. In the distance I can see the highest peak in Central America.

There is often a cascading layer of clouds weaving through the valleys below me, all reflecting different shades of gold and auburn with the morning light.

Costa Rican Sunrise

I greet the rising sun with meditation rituals that put me in tune with the pace of the cosmos.

Facing the East, I look out into the grand skyscape. Behind me (to the West) is a creek of water, to my left (North) is a mountain of red clay, and to the South is an expansive view, a great change and fiery transformation from the life I lived before.

In tune with the elements, this glorious state of elevated consciousness is my privilege and my honor to attain each morning.

Lightly I walk down the mountainside on the steep paved drive, so that I may feast my eyes upon the majestic views as I descend into the rest of my day.

When I return to the house, my family has awoken, and I play with my children and drink hot dark coffee. We have a gentle, joyous time together.

The beginnings of my days are nothing short of magical. It sets the pace for my magical life, a life that I am exceptionally grateful to be experiencing.

My Meditations

I’ve been spending a lot of time with Chakra meditation lately. I made this video as a study guide, to imprint the visuals of each chakra on my imagination.

I spend 10 minutes warming up, by listening to a track from Om Harmonics. During this time I set the space, light some incense, slow down my mind, and go into breathing exercises.

By the time Chakra Meditation begins, I’m already a little spacey. When it’s done, I’m not even completely on the physical plane anymore.

A great time to walk into the subconscious mind, and fiddle with the settings of your life.

Subconscious Affirmations

I made an audio track of my own voice, reading affirmations that were powerful and meaningful to me, and laid it over some of my favorite music.

(I run a multimedia company, so I can do that. But if you want to know how to make one for yourself, watch this tutorial.)

After listening to this track, I am energized, empowered, and ready for the day.