As a content marketer, I read a lot of blogs.

Many of the blogs I read are about content marketing in general, and about getting more customers through content marketing in particular.

This week, I read these 5 blog posts and realized they contain everything a beginning content marketer needs to get up and running right away.

  • Are you just starting to blog?
  • Do you want to build your blog audience with great content?
  • Are you unsure where to start?

Start by reading these five blog articles.


10 Tips on Writing from David Ogilvy

Here comes some priceless and pricelessly uncompromising wisdom from a very different kind of cultural legend: iconic businessman and original “Mad Man” David Ogilvy. On September 7th, 1982, Ogilvy sent the following internal memo to all agency employees, titled “How to Write.”

7 Must Have Social Media Business Tools for Influence, Authority and Time Management

Unless you want to spend all day, every day consumed in social networks – here are seven tools to help you efficiently engage in the processes of social business.

The Top 3 Social Media Auto-Posting Tools Compared

These aggregator apps help you use your time more efficiently (and schedule those amazing late-night tweets for the next day). You can sit down, write a week’s worth of tweets, and load them up. You won’t need to log in again all week. Your social media accounts will remain active without your presence.

10 Simple Ways To get more Customers Using Psychology

This fascinating infographic talks about 10 simple things that you can apply today to convert more of your customers by understanding how they think.

The 5 Most Persuasive Words In The English Language

There are certain power words that hold more sway over our decision making process than others. You might be surprised to find that these “power words” don’t seem … well, all that powerful.