I love National Novel Writing Month.

National Novel Writing Month

Every November, I pit myself against my word count, and I inevitably improve as a writer and a storyteller.

The first few years, I crafted novels. First draft, story arc, plotline, character development, novels.

Long-form works of this scope are exhausting, creatively.

I love writing them, and I love working on them, but I don’t have the bandwidth to write a new novel every year, while raising 3 kids and running a business.

What I can do, though, is use the word count battles to my advantage.

This year, and a couple of Novembers past, I write my visualizations for my future in a secret blog.

(Yes, it’s secret. You can never read it. It’s my messy workshop.)

I login to this secret blog every morning in November, and I just write freeform about how awesome I want my life to be in the future.

Anything I want or desire, I write a first-person story about me experiencing my dream life.

I’ve done this a couple of years now; as a manifestation technique, I think it’s going pretty well. My life is incredible, and the more I journal my visualizations, the longer I spend in a state of flow while imagining the dream life I could be living, the more things come to me effortlessly.

November writing months have given me so much more than novels. They have given me the dedication to actively use visualization exercises to better my life.