I am a modern techno-mage.

Modern Techno Mage

This time in history, my power is unparalleled.

I imagine one of my ancestors, traveling forward in time to spend a day with me. My explanations of how I spend my time would reveal the modern world to be magical.

I wake to a song on my iPhone. This small device is my companion throughout the day. It is my gateway into worlds of information, and the keeper of diverse magical spells, all kept in my pocket.

With a touch, I can illuminate a darkened room, or fill it with music. I can translate any word in any language. I can send a message to anyone I know, anywhere on the planet.

But my real power does not reside in this magic wand that I carry in my pocket. It is in my Macbook.

This magical book is where I do most of my work for the day. I use it to make works of art in mintes that would have taken months to create in ages past. I create this art as window dressing for information, and put it on display for all the world to see.

I make websites. Visual portals of information, that anyone in the world can visit, so long as they have the key: a string of letters called a ‘web address,’ typed into their own computer, will bring them directly to the works that I create.

Some days, instead of making a website, I will create an email newsletter, that goes out to tens of thousands of people in an instant. The magic wands they have in their pockets will all receive my message. They can go from this message to the portal of information that I have created, and read my words, and look at my art.

My Macbook can play me any song I wish to hear, and show me pictures (both still and moving) of anyone I wish to see. Using my Macbook, I can make my own moving pictures of my family and my environment, and slice the sequence of the moving pictures into any order I desire.

The workings of these magical tools are arcane and complicated, but with the proper amount of study, anyone with sufficient intelligence can learn how to make one of their own. After all, these devices give anyone access to any piece of information that has ever been created by man, in the entirety of history.

Truly, we are wizards in the modern age.