Whenever you start a period of discipline, it helps to declare your intentions to the world, I’ve found.

I’m going on a six week binge of health and cleansing.

From now until August 1, I’m going to get up every morning at 5 am. After a quick shower, I’m going to go through a P90X routine – whether its ten minutes or an hour, the least I have to do is hit ‘play,’ and the rest takes care of itself.

My body was kind of wrecked from doing Parkour, and now is the time I need to focus on rehabilitating my physique. I’m moving like an old man already, and the only surefire prevental I know of against body pain is daily stretching and exercise. Throw in a little massage therapy and ample amounts of Tiger Balm applied to my ankle, and I think I’ll be moving much more gracefully in a couple of months.

More than a workout

What I’m really looking forward to in this period of discipline, though, is not increased stamina or strength. It is the clarity of focus, and the calm energy, that one attains after spending weeks upon weeks following a structured lifestyle, that’s what I’m really looking forward to.

I’ve been planning this phase of life for a few weeks; instead of getting an idea to change my life and throwing myself into it, I’ve taken the slow time to plan an intentional, attainable change.

I’m looking forward to being the man that I will become shortly.