I often suspect this is the case.

Two runners were jogging in the surf this morning, going opposite directions. I was walking through the sand, on my way to the beachside restaurant where I chose to work today. The joggers met each other and embraced joyously, and from fifty yards away, I could see within their excited embrace was the passion and surprise that comes with unexpectedly bumping into someone you love in Paradise.

This, I feel, is what it must be like in Heaven. When you see loved ones you didn’t expect, and as soon as the surprise over the encounter is complete, you can revel in the beauty around you, which you both get to share.

Heaven, indeed.

While living in Costa Rica, I have come to live the best days of my life.

Today, I rode the bus from my mountaintop home to the ocean, journaling and listening to positive affirmations.

The bus stopped at the little surfer town of Dominical, and I walked down to the waterfront, my laptop and bathing suit in my backpack.

For a half hour, I walked along the ocean, stopping occasionally to watch some crabs scuttle around, and do a bit of yoga.

Now, I sit in a shaded villa looking over the crashing waves, with a host of new clients who pay me to do work that I love.

We have family visiting us, which means feasting and revelry for three weeks.

My kids are healthy and happy, and there is not much more that could be added to my overflowing cup of happiness. I am grateful for this Heaven, that has become my life.

It is possible that I died in Portland, and this experience I am now having is my afterlife.

I’m okay with that.