Stuntworthy Job Interviews

By |2010-10-28T21:28:57+13:00October 28th, 2010|Adventure|

This week, I had The shortest job interview of my life Two great interviews for completely different skill sets A reminder that trains cannot get in my way To take these three highlights of my week backwards, I’ll start with my stunt.  I had a phone appointment to call Jerry Buxbaum, THE stunt-producer in Portland. [...]


By |2009-11-28T21:46:25+13:00November 28th, 2009|Introspection|

I've gotta take a break again. After a day of feasting, on both food and favored intoxicants, I need to give my body a reprieve. Maybe not an all-out detox or cleanse, but I am enough out of balance that I need to take some time to give my body a break. I am doing [...]

Odd solstice

By |2009-06-22T15:16:57+12:00June 22nd, 2009|Introspection|

On summer solstice it rained.  I wore a jacket.  The longest day of the year, and the weather was such that it made it difficult to free run through my city. My city.  Portland.  A place where parkour is suddenly a seasonal sport. I cannot traverse the cityscape when its railings are wet.  My shoes [...]

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