Break your habits to make better ones.

By |2016-12-26T14:30:00+13:00February 4th, 2015|Excellence|

My best habits emerge in late January every year. After a few weeks to try out my New Years resolutions, it becomes apparent what works, and what doesn't. Related: Why breaking New Years Resolutions is good for you As of today, I have kept 5 out of my 12 resolutions for 2015. I suppose I could [...]

3 GTD Tips: How to Make Things Happen

By |2016-12-26T14:32:12+13:00January 17th, 2015|Excellence|

In the middle of a geek-out session with a good friend, comparing productivity apps, he asked the big question: How do you manage all these lists without getting overwhelmed? I reviewed the basic principles of Getting Things Done, the task management philosophy developed by David Allen. Even after reading the book, implementing these productivity protocols can break [...]

Frictionless Blogging

By |2020-02-03T11:32:50+13:00January 16th, 2015|Content Marketing, Excellence|

I'm writing this post on my phone, and I'm hitting 'Publish' before it's ready. This is one of the few blogging ideas that can make Corbett Barr stop and say, "Hey, I've never heard that before." He was interviewing Leo Babauta of Zen Habits, as part of a Fizzle course called Start A Blog That Matters. [...]

Why Breaking New Years Resolutions Is Good For You

By |2018-01-01T17:46:49+13:00January 4th, 2015|Excellence|

I think New Year's Resolutions are okay to break. The purpose of a resolution isn't to stick to a plan, but to calibrate which habits are the right ones for you, right now. Disclaimer: I break most of my resolutions within a week. My birthday is January 7, and I believe that holidays and birthdays [...]

New Years Resolutions 2015

By |2015-01-01T14:00:48+13:00January 1st, 2015|Excellence|

New years resolutions really resonate with me. Sometimes, I can make them stick, and keep better habits; other times, I break my New Year’s Resolutions, and learn plenty from them. Resolutions seem to have fallen out of style, despite evidence suggesting that new habits stick better when you start them on important days, and besides, I [...]

Eating GMO-free keeps me healthy and fit

By |2014-10-26T13:29:48+13:00October 26th, 2014|Excellence|

My body is in great shape, and I am healthy and strong, all because I made the commitment to eat GMO-free in 2002. Without laws requiring genetically modified food to be labeled in the United States, if I want to exclude GMOs from my diet, I have to be extremely selective about the food that I [...]

An Open Letter to Alec Baldwin: Farewell.

By |2014-03-03T12:20:45+13:00March 3rd, 2014|Excellence|

Dear Mr. Baldwin: We are strangers, and in a more just world, we would remain so. Your recent farewell to public life has, I hope, cauterized the exposure of your personal life to the public eye, and I thank you for making this change. Since this is farewell, allow me the monumental hubris to speak [...]

New Years Resolutions 2014

By |2014-01-01T20:21:21+13:00January 1st, 2014|Excellence|

I love the New Year. It is a time when we assess ourselves, and frankly decide on how to become the person we decide to be. When I make my annual resolutions, I am constructing the person I want to be next year. Deciding on his habits. Creating his goals. Envisioning his achievements. Every year, I [...]

Positive attitude is not permanent.

By |2013-10-02T11:39:09+13:00October 2nd, 2013|Excellence|

I spend most of my time as a positive thinker. This is by choice, not by temperament. My nature is to be moody and grouch about what is going wrong in my life.  “Happiness is a choice that requires effort.” - Aeschylus I don’t have a naturally sunny disposition. When I think positive, it is [...]

My daily rhythm

By |2013-08-05T09:45:32+12:00August 5th, 2013|Excellence|

A daily rhythm can serve as the metronome for the song of your life.I first learned about setting a daily rhythm through Waldorf education. By providing a regular daily series of events, a child can easily transition from one stage to the next.Having three small children in a small house, we created a wonderful daily [...]

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