Creating a whitepaper accomplishes two important goals:

  1. Positions yourself as an authority on a topic
  2. Builds your email list with a Lead Magnet

Making a whitepaper doesn’t have to be hard. You already know a bunch of valuable information. All you have to do is package it up as a Lead Magnet:

solving problems

This is the first trick of a good whitepaper: solve a problem of low difficulty, that requires a lot of expertise.

The second trick: close it with a compelling Call-to-Action. (You can use my CTA Worksheet if you need help.)

The third trick: set up your whitepaper as an opt-in incentive, so people receive it after subscribing to your email newsletter. (My online course, the Marketing Automation Planner, can help you set that up.)

If you have an idea for your next whitepaper, then you should come to my Whitepaper Workshop.

I’ll be sharing with all attendees:

  • The simple outline found in all the best whitepapers
  • A fill-in-the-blank workbook template
  • My personal swipe folder with nearly 2 dozen great examples

Join me for this free, interactive workshop, and you will leave with an outline for your next whitepaper, and practical techniques for making it great.

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