Gamification stimulates five hormones that our brains use to regulate emotions, mood, and decisions:

  • Oxytocin: the ‘empathy’ hormone
  • Cortisol: the ’stress’ hormone
  • Endorphin: the ‘euphoria’ hormones
  • Dopamine: the ‘reward’ hormone
  • Serotonin: the ‘balance’ hormone

Different gamification techniques trigger specific hormones in our brains.

If you understand their physiological effects, and how to stimulate them in your audience, you can optimize your experiences for maximum engagement.

In last month’s issue of AITD’s Training & Development magazine, I shared five gamification techniques I use to create compelling experiences in online learning:

  1. Chapters: Create achievable goals to stimulate oxytocin
  2. Experience points: Quantify achievement to stimulate cortisol
  3. Leveling up: Unlock new abilities to stimulate endorphins
  4. Badges: Create positive momentum to stimulate dopamine
  5. Leaderboard: Reward achievements with attention to stimulate serotonin

You can read the full 2-page article here: