I’ve been over-capitalized.

For the past couple of years, I’ve been in the habit of capitalizing my name wherever it appears online. My Twitter handle is @CAELANHUNTRESS, my signature is always in capitals, and the ‘from’ field of all emails that people receive says ‘CAELAN HUNTRESS’ in big, loud letters.

My purposes for doing this were twofold:

First, people frequently misspell my name as ‘Caelen‘ (or worse), partially because of the upper-terminal usage of the letter ‘a.’

One of these looks mighty close to an ‘e’

By branding my name in capitals, I’ve seen a noticable decrease in spelling errors.

Second, it makes me stick out, which, as a marketer, is always a good thing.

Lately, though, I’ve been reconsidering the wisdom of this branding strategy. I’m implementing a distasteful spamming trick, of shouting in capitals, just to get a few random strangers to spell my name right.

I’ve got to update most of my social profiles soon, to incorporate my new job and new job title.

I think I’ll take the opportunity to under-capitalize my name, from

Caelan Huntress

In this font, though, I have to admit; it does look mighty easy to misspell.

What do you think? And be honest, I’ve got a thick skin. How does the Capitalization of my name look to you?