I’m broke.


Photo by StuartPilbrow

Or nearly so, anyway. I came to Costa Rica with a few hundred dollars and a couple of clients. It’s been six weeks, I’ve finished all the client work, and used up all my cash.

At the Feria the other day, the weekly farmers market where we buy our groceries, I had to bring my ’emergency’ cash – $200 in US dollars that was for ‘just in case.’

‘Just In Case’ happened when I had no money in my paypal account or bank accounts or credit lines…to pay for groceries.

But you know what? I am finally mastering this final step in the Law of Attraction. I have not stressed about it, or worried about it, or fretted about it; I went right on with pursuing more clients. And today, I sent out two invoices for $5000 each.

If my proposals are accepted, then I will have nothing to worry about, financially, for at least thirty days. So long as I continue gettting clients this month, I will, once again, have nothing to worry about.

The funny thing is, I know I could worry about this. In many phases of my life, I would default to worrying about this. But allowing thoughts that could manifest against my interest into my mind is just…stupid.

If these proposals aren’t accepted, you know what? I’ll figure something else out. I always do. But for now, I am going to blithely assume that fate is accepting my gratitude for my amazing life, and that I have not been led to sell all of my worldly possessions and relocate across a continent just to get stuck now. I prefer to be in a guided universe, where when things happen synergistically, they continue to do so.

The funny thing is, because thats what I’m attracting, thats what I’m manifesting.

I spent my last $200 without too much concern. My fridge is full, my family is happy, and I’ve got plenty of people interested in my work.

When I logged into Paypal and found my balance under $100, you know what I did? I donated thirty bucks to someone who was deserving of it.

By showing the universe I am not scared, there is nothing for me to be scared of.