I am squashing my ability to accomplish by trying to accomplish everything alone.

I am sitting in an empty television studio, that I have access to today, by myself. Symbolically, I cannot record.

I had a basic idea of how to do it; I brought one DVD and a seven minute juggling act, and thought to put it on good film for posterity since I am lucky enough to have access to a television studio whenever I want through PCM. Although I have enjoyed this right for months, I had not yet taken advantage of it, so I tried today. And I came face to face with one of my greatest flaws:

I try to do too much.

Film and television are not solo occupations. It takes a team of trained professionals in disparate fields to come together and make a project happen. I have been trying to do everything myself, and my paltry results are the (retrospectively) predictable outcome.

I had a volunteer set up to meet with me today. Yet I sabotaged myself by emailing him and telling him the project has been cancelled, and we would reschedule; when in reality, the project I had been trying to do (also suffering from a lack of team-building) was shelved in favor of my poorly-rehearsed juggling act.

I have a wealth of tools at my disposal, most of which I do not know how to use very well. I need to stop trying to become proficient in a tool simply because I have access to it, and instead learn how to accumulate a stable of experts who come together to work on projects as a team.

If I do not acquire this skill, then I am lost.