Really, why do I bother trying to work without coffee?

It’s only after I’ve been sluggishly pulling myself through make-believe-working, when I look up from my web surfing and look at the clock, that I realize I’ve wasted precious hours by not being focused and productive.

I put on a pot of dark, thick coffee, and within moments of the first few drops hitting my bloodstream, I begin looking at my desk in a completely different way.

What can I get done?

“What is the most important thing for me to be doing right now?

“Where are my lists, and what can I accomplish on them?”

This is SUCH a stark contrast to how I was mere moments ago, when I was blandly clicking along my websites with no purpose or priority.

Now, though, now that I’ve had my fix, I look heartily upon my calendar’s tasks and attack my priorities with gusto.  Now, I look at every minute as precious, even the time spent composing this blog entry.  Every moment is now on board with my ultimate purpose: success.