It is beginning to strike me what I will be manifesting this upcoming year. I will be spending a lot of time on my resolutions, with the seminar Claim Your New Year Now, and I will also spend time at coffee with my wife earlier that day writing out my resolutions. There are a couple of areas I need to focus on next year:

  • Family

I need to focus more on my kids.  I like the idea of spending dedicated time with each of them, individually, working on something they like to do.

My wife and I need dedicated focus time, too.  Friend time and date time, especially.

  • Career

Overlapping with Family, I need to work less than 60 hours a week.  Its not fair to them, its not fair to me, and it hinders me from advancing my career in non-day job ways.

I want to make my side projects viable, and profitable, this year.  I have earned my experience in punting on projects that never make me money; now I know what it takes to make something bring in cash, and to use those funds (and not my personal funds) to grow the business.

  • Finances

Overlapping with Career, I need to isolate the funds and accounts and flows of money.  I need to budget every month, and give budget projections and reports to my wife (and myself) every month, and I need to pay for everything from the right accounts.

This means I need to make enough money to pay for everything.  I have to actively spend time manifesting, every week, to make sure I can do this.

  • Fitness

I am in very good shape, and I am ready to move to excellent.  I will enter a training program this year, and raise my body to the next level.  The professional athlete level.

I will knock these ideas around in my head for the next week or so, and lay down my resolutions in stone on the first.