I did nothing for this tea.

I am drinking a hot cup of Organic Hojicha green tea, and I have the abundance of the Universe to thank for it.

Last week I received an unexpected check in the mail.  It was for $3.60.  About ten years ago, when PGE decommissioned the Trojan Nuclear Power Plant, there was some rebate they didn’t adequately apply, and I was entitled to a refund for overpayment.

Obviously, I was not expecting this money.

When I received the check, I decide to apply it to an exercise I learned about in Frederic Lehrman’s excellent audio program, Prosperity Consciousness.  I cashed the check, by itself, and put the money in an envelope.  I carried it around in my jacket pocket, knowing that the Universe had given me completely unexpected income and wealth.

Today, I ordered a cup of good tea, tipped heartily, and now I sit with this cup of tea that I had to expend no effort to get.  This tea is a gift from the Universe.

I wish to remember this state of mind, for this is how effortless abundance happens.  Resources do not have to be fought for through struggle; they can be provided with little or no effort, so long as the right state of mind is achieved.  This exercise helps me achieve that state of mind.

I am taken care of by providence itself.  My every need is met.  This world wants me to be comfortable and successful, and for that I am immensely grateful.