Within the next two weeks, I will qualify for Liberty Leaders.

I am so close to meeting this goal.  I have worked very hard this year, and my sweat coupled with my imagination will ensure my success.

One of the tools I use to meet big goals is Sales Manifestation.  This is a process of using the Law of Attraction to make more sales, and it has been very effective for me in the past.

While I have been spending plenty of hours cranking out insurance quotes over the last two months, there are two more things I need to do: make phone calls, and visualize.

A manifestation visualization goes like this: You state your goal clearly.  Define it, write it down, and say it out loud.  For me, my goal is like this:

I qualify for Liberty Leaders by December 30, 2009.

By saying this goal out loud, I prime my subconscious to use its massive power to help make this happen.  Now I’m not just using the 4% of the iceberg thats out of the water (my conscious mind), I am allowing the whole mammoth iceberg to push towards my goal.

To communicate with the subconscious mind, I use pictures, images, and repetition.  I construct a visualization using language the subconscious can understand.  For my visualizations, I like to write a story.

I put my hand on the stack of life insurance policies on my desk.  I make a phone call to collect the final downpayment; and as I hang up the phone, and take off my headset, I drum my fingers on the stack of life insurance policies as I smile.  I made it.  I am victorious.  I grin as I look up at my manager, who came by with the same victorious grin on his face.  We pushed all the policies through underwriting, they are all paid for, and I have beat my quotas.  We shake hands, and hug.  I snatch up a pen and cross off the last few marks on my board, signifying that all the remaining qualifications have been met.

I go to the Mac Store and purchase my reward: the iPod Touch.  I gratefully put down my credit card, tear open the package, and remove it from the sleek box.  I feel the hard drive whirr in my hands and I smile with delight.

I cash my bonus check, and I take the cash back to my home.  I count out the fifty dollar bills, stacking them and restacking them, enjoying the game of playing with so much money.

I am sitting on a plane to San Diego.  The plane lands and I look out the window, seeing the sunny California landscape speeding past as I hear the wheels screech against the tarmac.  I touch the window in gratitude that I have made it.

I shake hands with other Liberty Leaders in my company, and we laugh and trade tales of sales made and lost.  I shake the hand of the CEO of my company, and he agrees to meet me for a drink.  Our glasses clink together, and the ice makes a jingling sound.  The scotch tastes exquisite.

As I go to my hotel room, in the famous Coronado Resort, I take out the iPod Touch I rewarded myself with.  I open the Compass application, take note of the GPS coordinates, and save them to link to my Google Earth application on my laptop.  I will remember this victorious moment all of my life.

I am a Liberty Leader.