Absent a journal that I like to carry around with me every day, I am finding myself without the handy habit of writing down my goals regularly.  So now I am going to just spout off some of my goals.

I want to be an elite-level athlete by my son’s birthday, March 9.  I want to be in the best shape of my life, I want to have a solid graceful backflip, and I want to be exercising for at least an hour every day.

I want to make 120 grand in my day job.  This is the threshold where it becomes even easier to make even more money, so I want to achieve that level of success, easily.  That’s an average of ten grand a month.  Five grand per paycheck.  I like that idea.

And I just made my first $6k+ commission check.  It won’t be hard to repeat; I just have to isolate what contirbuted to this, and repeat, frequently.  The contributions were:

  • Winning a bonus
  • Working hard for a short period of intense time.
  • Focus on results, not the day
  • A monthly goal
  • A reward for the goals achievement
  • COnsistent application of effort in the office
  • Balance in my overall life

I notice I was not fasting from anything last month–except for beer.  Somehow this had made me ready for the six pack I rewarded myself with at the end of last quarter.  INterestingly enough, I did not crave any beer this month, after I have focused more on my physique.  I even had beer and pizza a few days ago, in an effort to pack some pounds on my hyper-thyroidic frame, and it just left me feeling bloated.  Eh.  Back to goalsetting:

I want to enroll in at least one film class by the end of january, and make connections in the local film community.  I want to have professional-grade photos in my portfolio by february, and I want to cast some lines out into the modeling field.  If I am seriously going to move into a film-related career, I’m going to get some film-peripheral skills

Those are my biggest goals; make money, get in great shape.  My family life is very happy, and I want it to stay that way.  I do have some negligence going on in the spirituality department, so I will focus more effort in that direction as well.

I think as I alter my weekly schedule this quarter, sleeping until 6:30 and going to the gym at 8, spending half a day in my home office during the week, I will find more balance.

Oh, and one last big goal: I want to get organized.  Extremely organized.  I’ve got both of my offices in chaos right now, so I will work to get them clean, organized and ready for the new year.