I have to get my ebook off the ground.  I have done some great manifestation, work, now it is time to put it together.

I need a schedule.  I need a launch date.  I need a launch plan.  I need a sales page for my website.  I need the blog attached and running.  And I need ads ready to go.

This is a modest list, and totally doable in the next thirty days.  I will break it up into chunks:

First, I will schedule myself out.  I will set deadlines and goals for various parts of this project.  Yes, I have to come to believe it, a half hour in the morning is not good enough for straight composition time.

It is, actually, better for alignment time.  A bit of time to think about a project in a dedicated way, identify a task list, and give myself times to complete these things.  This will, I assume, take me about a half hour today.

Once a week, I will need to give the ebook a (non-edit) read.  Or maybe an edit read.  I;m not sure.  But I need to keep in line with the project as a whole for a while.  Maybe mondays for this, its got a freshness to the day.

Second, I need to keep a list of upcoming sections to write.  Third, I need to dedicate writing time to banging out those sections–likely in two-hour chunks at the writers dojo.  I need two of those per week.

Four hours per week is very reasonable to dedicate to writing an ebook.  Lets do that.

I will continue outlining and scheduling through this month, as well as chipping away at minor tasks, so that in July, I can move forward fast.

I’ve got a lot going on right now; with my day job, and this ebook, and my SM eminars, and the Why St Johns project Im selling ads for, and raising two kids and a family that needs time with me–man, I sure am glad I don’t watch TV.