The biggest thing i have noticed in the last few days is how easily one can lose a discipline.

I suppose my slippage started at 3 pm on tuesday, when Hippnet was meeting at a bar, and I had a glass of wine.  This led me to drink, and ultimately to have a lazy day yesterday, Wednesday.

Now, this has been an advantage for me; I now see how I can use a day off on Wednesday to work more on Saturday.  I will make calls from the office this Saturday and get a hold of lots of people.  This will be fun.

However, I have not been rising early (due in part to having fun with my favorite intoxicants midweek) and I have not been exercising as much as my recent increase in fitness would otherwise prefer.  Today I can put myself back on track, however, and I can run during the day, prospect at night, have two more successful and productive days of work ahead of me, and then take Sunday for my family day.

I am not worried about my focus or my drive, for so long as I continue to tinker with the need for tinkering, I will always improve it.

Starting tomorrow, I will rise at five sharp.  I will work on my ebooks in the morning, for this, truly, is the next step on my path to success.