10 Daily Tools For Positive Thinking

By |2017-10-31T23:49:17+13:00September 16th, 2017|Excellence, The Good Stuff|

By nature, I am not a positive thinker. I have to work at it. Positive thinking will not do anything by itself, but as Zig Ziglar said, “Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.” The success or failure of many things you do in life depends on how well you [...]

Positive attitude is not permanent.

By |2013-10-02T11:39:09+13:00October 2nd, 2013|Excellence|

I spend most of my time as a positive thinker. This is by choice, not by temperament. My nature is to be moody and grouch about what is going wrong in my life.  “Happiness is a choice that requires effort.” - Aeschylus I don’t have a naturally sunny disposition. When I think positive, it is [...]

Making Things Manifest

By |2013-02-19T15:57:17+13:00February 19th, 2013|Excellence|

"We Become What We Think About." - Earl Nightingale Maybe you've noticed this, too: people who keep having problems over and over again, they really like to talk about them. Those who live life of ease - they don't. Gossip and complaining is not how they comment on the world. There is a very real correlation [...]

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