“We Become What We Think About.” – Earl Nightingale

Maybe you’ve noticed this, too: people who keep having problems over and over again, they really like to talk about them.

Those who live life of ease – they don’t. Gossip and complaining is not how they comment on the world.

There is a very real correlation between how you think about your life, and how your life is going. (That’s why Drama is avoided by successful people everywhere.)

If your life isn’t going the way you want, the first thing you must do is:

Change the way you think.

I could describe how this works using quantum physics, or the Law of Attraction, but instead, I want to talk to you about your mind.

Your subsconscious mind is capable of processing more than 400,000 pieces of information per second.

Per second!

Think about that for a moment. Your mind, right now, is sumltaneously reading this blog post, listening to sounds in the distance, processing a whole host of smells, monitoring the secretions of your gall bladder, adjusting your respiratory rate….

Your subconscious mind is the most powerful supercomputer on the face of the earth.

And it’s right there, inside your own head.

All that data that the subconscious mind sorts, processes, and distributes – the conscious mind is completely incapable of processing it all.

In order to ponder the abstract thoughts I am conveying to you, your conscious mind has to be sheltered from this firehose of data that the subconscious mind is processing, every second of every day.

Your conscious mind is like a very exclusive party, where only the guests on the list are allowed to get in.

There is a bouncer to this party, and it is your Reticular Activating System.

Reticular Activating System

The Reticular Activating System

The RAS is a net of nerves between your cerebellum and your brain stem, and this is where special pieces of data are allowed to be plucked from the sea of information in your subconscious, and presented to your conscious mind in order to be thought about.

The RAS has standing orders (from you) about what is and is not allowed into the very exclusive party where you do all your conscious thinking. Emergencies, loud noises, and pain always get in right away. They have a VIP pass.

Your RAS is part of your subconscious, and your subconscious mind isn’t really stupid. But when you compare it to your conscious mind, the way it works is kind of dopey. You can’t just tell something to your subconscious mind, because it doesn’t process information that way.

To introduce something new to the subconscious, you have to use some tricks.

Tricks like repetition. And emotions.

This is why affirmations and prayer are so effective; by holding an emotional state, your subconscious mind assumes that this is the way you want to be feeling. If you’re stressed out and angry all the time, however, your RAS allows in those thoughts and perceptions that help you maintain your paradigm emotional state.

Your paradigm can be changed, only by changing your habits of thought.

Decide on the way you want to feel in your life, and start feeling that way, every day, all the time. If you recognize yourself thinking or feeling an opposing emotional state, use a Pattern Interrupt to knock yourself out of it.

Not only with this prevent you from manifesting the things you don’t want, it will make your time in life more peaceful and enjoyable, too.