Living in Costa Rica

A Very Costa Rican Day.

By |2012-10-26T19:06:20+13:00October 26th, 2012|Adventure, Family|

Today we received our Cedulas in the mail, the ID cards that designate us as Costa Rican permanent residents. Today the Costa Rican bureaucracy, rightly earning its legendary reputation, spent an hour and a half stonewalling me over the legibility of an unnecessary stamp on a translation of my marriage certificate. Today I spent an [...]

Costa Rican Permanent Residents.

By |2016-12-29T12:58:05+13:00October 15th, 2012|Adventure, Family|

We went to San Jose last week to finalize the paperwork for our Residency status. In 2011, we came to Costa Rica while Johanna was five months pregnant. Because we were having a baby in Costa Rica, all first-level relatives (parents and siblings) of a Costa Rican citizen are eligible to apply for Permanent Residency. [...]

“Daddy, what’s a gun?”

By |2016-12-26T14:53:47+13:00September 13th, 2012|Excellence, Family|

My 6-year-old girl really didn't know. While discussing the differences between policemen and firefighters, I used a word Indilea had never heard before. She has acquired the excellent habit of asking for the meaning of any word she doesn't understand. "What's a gun?" she asked. "You know," I said as I mimed a gun. "Kapow." [...]

Finally! Back online.

By |2018-11-12T10:02:53+13:00September 3rd, 2012|Adventure|

There are some things Costa Rica does really, really well. Beaches. Palm trees. Friendly strangers. Crazy animals and fruits. But the internet? That's a problem. There's a maxim here that goes, "Costa Rica is ten years behind the United States." With fashion, with technology, with any advancement that happened in the United States ten (or [...]

Friday the 13th: My kind of day.

By |2012-07-13T17:58:32+12:00July 13th, 2012|Adventure|

This Friday the 13th could only be possible because of how I do what I do, and where I do it. Telecommuting in Costa Rica. My wife asks me, at the end of the day on Thursday, “Hey, our awesome friends who are visiting Costa Rica and staying on our mountain for three weeks, they [...]

A visit to the Mennonites’ farm

By |2012-07-02T09:35:34+12:00July 2nd, 2012|Adventure|

Every week at the feria, we buy raw, unpasteurized goat yogurt and goat milk from Noah Ulric. He was kind enough to invite our family out to his farm this past weekend for lunch. Noah has four daughters, a young son, and a sixth baby on the way! His girls were so nice to our [...]

No te preocupes.

By |2012-04-09T11:34:44+12:00April 9th, 2012|Introspection|

Don't you worry your pretty little self. This is not an exact translation, but I like to think it provides the character and inclusiveness of this phrase. See, here in Costa Rica, nobody uses the informal case. When people say "You," they say "Usted," which is like saying "The Gentleman." "Tu," the 2nd-person informal use [...]

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