The Re-launch of my Weekly Newsletter – Habits of Excellence

By |2016-12-26T14:40:10+13:00August 4th, 2015|Introspection|

Writing a newsletter can be very rewarding, stressful, introspective, lucrative, and ineffective. My weekly newsletter habit has been inconstant over the past ten years, and has gone through a lot of incarnations. This is what I've learned so far: The regularity of writing every week keeps your writing polished. It is only through regular exercise [...]

The Hero in Prison

By |2016-12-26T14:39:57+13:00January 19th, 2015|Introspection|

Reading the Letter From Birmingham Jail was the beginning of my philosophical studies. Written by Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1963, this letter was the first rational and ethical defense I had read of the imprisoned man. I was eighteen years old, in plenty of trouble with the law, and in between punishments for crimes that I did [...]

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