This year, for my birthday, I have drawn the XVIII of Trumps, The Moon.

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The Moon is a card of the unknown, a mixture of the highest and the lowest. Just as the Moon reflects the light of the Sun, our unconscious mind reflects the thoughts of our conscious mind.

“The Moon will lead us into the blackest depths of our soul, into the world of the subconscious, where there are no more words, just images and notions. It represents a journey into the darkest night, a look behind our own face.” – The Corax

This is one of the so-called Karma Cards, the cards that signify there is work to be done.

To be quite honest, I’m intimidated.

This is a card that can lead to a reclamation of one’s authentic self, if the journey is survived.

I’ve kept my authentic self buried under so many layers of stories and secrets, I hesitate to take this journey.

“The Moon indicates a voyage to the centre of the Self. Important secrets are revealed when we dare to bring back what is deep inside.” – Angel Paths

The Moon does not change phases when one is ready; the flux and re-flux invites us to yield to our full power, which can only be accessed through authenticity.

Symbology of XVIII of Trumps – The Moon

The gods of Anubis and Set stand guard over a valley of the Unknown, the journey between the Sun shining on the moon. The Sun is pushed by a scarab beetle, the God of Transformation, known as ‘He Who Becomes,’ shining from beneath the waters of the unconscious. The jackals at the feet of the gods represent our survival nature, and the 9 letter Yods sprinkling down from the moonlight are fertilised seeds ready for procreation. Symbols of Pisces and Neptune are water signs, while Hermes is magic moving between worlds.

The magnetic influence of flux and re-flux help us to see the inherent power of our receptive nature; to open, expand, yield, and totally express our full power and nature, like the Moon. The Moon reflects back to us the mystery of who we are and of our changing phases of our happy light side and our fearful dark side. – The Tarot of Eli

On the Tree of Life, this is the path between Netzach and Malkuth, Victory and Manifestation.

Qoph (pronounced Koph) is the 19th path within the Tree of Life and the 19th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. It means ‘back of the head’ and is related to the cerebellum of the brain which amongst other things is concerned with regulating pleasure and fear responses. Also being at the back of the head it represents that which we do not see and is therefore related to the subconscious. – Esoteric Meanings

Interpretation of the Moon

My interpretation of this card for my 42nd year is: I have a quest into my own darkness, in order to retrieve a treasure of great value: my authenticity.

I will remind myself this year:

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” – Joseph Campbell