One of the common things I hear from authors is, “I don’t want to market or sell my work – I just want to write!”

Your book needs more from you than just the writing, though.

After your book is published, there are all sorts of things that the author (and only the author!) can do to champion their work, and make sure it’s read by as many people as possible.

One of those champion activities is collecting testimonials.

​Click Here to listen to “How to Get the Best Testimonials For Your Book”​

Here’s what I talk about with Susan Friedmann, CSP during the 30-minute interview on the Book Marketing Mentors podcast:

  • How to go about asking for testimonials for your book
  • Should you expect people to read your book before giving you a testimonial?
  • Why 3-star reviews are important
  • Interviewing is essential in the testimonial gathering process
  • Why low-risk people are important in the testimonial gathering process
  • What to do if you want a “big name” testimonial
  • What is the optimum number of testimonials
  • Little-known secrets to making testimonial collection easier
  • 6 key questions you need to ask to get a meaningful testimonial

Some of the topics we discuss – like competitive research, reaching out to “big name” people, and how to gather testimonials effectively – are applicable to people outside the author world, as well.

​Click Here to listen to “How to Get the Best Testimonials For Your Book”

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