I’ve been an avid fan of The Desire Map for years. The Desire Map Planner is a practical method of guiding your life and your task lists by what is most important to you.


In the video above, I recommended that you should go through The Desire Map process first, to discover your Core Desired Feelings. These 4 feelings become the guiding forces by which you steer your choices in life.

However, this year the author, Danielle LaPorte, is including the Desire Map program with every purchase of the Desire Map Planner.

How Long Does It Take To Go Through The Desire Map?

I’ve done it twice, and each time, it took me about a weekend. You need lots of time for introspection and journaling, preferably with self-care breaks.

Going through The Desire Map is a very personal process. It allows you the space and the opportunity to examine your most intimate desires, and it gives you the authority to claim those desires as valid reasons for anything you do.

What Are Core Desired Feelings?

CDFs are the words that you unearth at the bottom of yourself. These are there as the foundation of your dreams, your goals, your plans, and your decisions. Knowing what they are gives you a solid understanding of your self and your choices – it becomes much easier to identify when you are out of alignment with yourself.

My CDFs have become the easy check – if I’m making decisions that make me feel this way, I’m in. If my decisions don’t make me feel this way, I pause, and I seriously consider whether or not that decision is really worth it to me.


What Is The Desire Map Planner?

The year-long printed planner designed by Danielle LaPorte is half journaling workbook, half productivity planner, and it is designed around using your Core Desired Feelings as your emotional guidance system.

I’ve been using the 2018 planner for 9 months now, and it’s been wonderful.

By taking the time to plan my week with my Desire Map Planner, I’m able to go beyond a project-centric task list, and I am continually challenged to include activities and plans that nourish my soul. It’s a wonderful codex, and i often review my past entries and plans and prompts with the same reminiscence as looking through my old journals; because I’m leaving the most intimate parts of myself on these pages.

The video above shows what the 2018 planner looks like, and how many little design choices have contributed to make this a work of art.

If your life is going to be your art, it only makes sense that you would plan it with a piece of art, guided by the emotions that are closest to your core.