Zaden took this photo. I won't post the other 50 with his finger in the frame.

I’ve been a bad blogger lately.

Sure, I’ve been busy – running a business, moving to Costa Rica, chasing after two toddlers, etc. – but there’s no need for me to neglect my blog like this.

Aw, great. I just took ANOTHER crap on my blog, and opened my post with an apology about how I haven’t been posting lately.

So, I’m going to keep kicking myself into shape, by doing bad blogger things until I get them all out of my system.

I’m drawing a bath right now, because I woke up at 3 am to let the dog out. No mess to clean up in the morning – win! 45 minutes laying in bed trying to get back to sleep – fail.

I have to resolve this lifelong issue I’ve had with being unable to get back to sleep after rousing myself in the middle of the night – ebcause there is another newborn on the horizon.

It’s funny, after a couple of kids, you get to know what to expect. We have had newborns before, so I can be reasonably certain that we will:

  • Wake up frequently in the middle of the night to calm cries and screams
  • Take catnaps whenever/wherever possible to keep ourselves from hallucinating
  • Get very good at laundry
Laundry is, in my opinion, the most essential skill you can have when you have a newborn. (At least, if you have a newborn AND cloth diapers.) If you’ve never washed cloth diapers before, it is a practice that you do get desensitized to over time.
Desensitized or not, I was still so happy when I washed the last load of diapers for Zaden that I recorded it for posterity. I thought this was the last load of diapers I would ever wash – oops. Getting ready for three more years of laundry skills.
And now, Johanna has woken up.
Johanna: Why are you awake?
me: I’ve been asking myself the same question. It’s been really existential.
Johanna: You can’t get back to sleep?
me: nope.
Johanna: Are you getting good work done?
me: Without coffee, I am incapable of work. I’m wasting time on Twitter instead. Did you know that zombie ants could overrun the earth? It was in Scientific American, but I read about it on a much funnier blog.
Johanna: I’m going to bed now.
So my bath is almost ready, and I’m feeling mighty fine now that I have a new blog post. Hopefully this habit will continue, and I’ll be writing blog posts more than just posting photos. It always felt like kind of a cheat for keeping my blog populated, posting photos without captions or descriptions, but hey, it got me through the big move.
Next post: I’m thinking about another apology about how I haven’t written a blog post in so long. I can probably write it now and schedule it for next month.