My daughter has a dream-friend called Moonhorse. She visits Moonhorse in her dreams, and he flies with her up to the moon, where they have friends (like Yojo the Unicorn) and they play games and have adventures.

A few weeks ago, Indilea made a painting for Moonhorse, and wanted me to leave it out on the porch for him to come find that night. She had me write a message on the bottom:

Dear Moonhorse,

May I please have some yellow wings?

Love, Indi.

My wife didn’t want to get her actual wings; they would grow tattered, and a present from her dream-friend should be eternal. Every few days Indi would rush outside in the morning, to see if Moonhorse had left anything for her.

This morning, I realized what Moonhorse would do.

He would give Indi the yellow wings while she was in a dream, and then snap a photo of her. He left this photo for her on the porch.

Thanks for flying with me, Indilea!

Love, Moonhorse.

And lo, Moonhorse did just that. Indi was enchanted, the way that only a little fairy can be.