I get a lot of good ideas.

LOTS OF THEM.  There is a term for my type of adeptitiude: SCANNERS.

People who are not masters of anything, but are pretty good at almost EVERYTHING.

That’s me.  My father-in-law pointed it out to me the other day.  “You changed your brakes,” he said.  “I don’t change my own brakes, and I’m the guy you call whenever something is wrong with your car.  That’s hard.  And you figured it out, and you did it.  Not everybody can do that.”

That’s been my big problem.  I am so good at doing so many different things, I am trying to do too much.

On some level, I know that, but I often forget this in my rush to figure out what needs to be done, and do it.  I lose my self-critical point of view, because this is when I am most at home with myself; when I am attempting to figure out a new craft, art, expression, technology, anything new…

Social media may be a good place for me to operate, because the technology changes so fast those on the edge are those with the hottest tactics.

But the PARADOX is that the hottest new communications methods, like QR codes integrated with MailChimp newsletters (came out Monday!  Hot off the presses!) take so much time to educate the prospective customer about, that they are not able to be sold efficiently, or in bulk, because education is a necessary component of the sales process.

So why not havce education BE the sales process?

Cutting Edge Social Media.  Weekly podcast interviewing the hottest bloggers with descriptions and links (and advertisements) for DIY social media strategy.  Content marketing, indeed!

LOOK!  LOOKLOOKLOOKLOOKLOOK!  I just did it again!  In order to explore an aspect of ONE project, I came up with a clever idea that would take HOURS AND HOURS and WEEKS AND WEEKS of time.

YES, it’s a good idea.

YES, I could put that together.

YES, it would take a lot of my time.

And you know what?  I come up with good ideas every six hours, like clockwork. GOOD IDEAS ARE NOT MY PROBLEM. Implementing ideas is my problem.

I have the opportunity to build a business that will sustain me as a blogger, living in tropical paradise.

I have six months to put it together.

I am slowly, one by one, gathering up every side project I have revolving about me,

and I am kissing it gently on the crown,

and letting it go.

I’m dropping everything else.  I have the opportunity to be a blogger in tropical paradise.

In six months, I need to make a website that can generate three thousand dollars.

Per month.  That’s it.

I have six months to do it.  If I can make this happen, it will have incalculable permanent beneficial impact on my life.

I can live at the beach.  Take a siesta every day.  Dig my toes into the sand and stretch luxuriously.  Work on all of my postponed projects in the hot December sunshine.  Do yoga in front of the breaking surf.

Earn American dollars and live in Colones.

My family and I are looking to relocate to Costa Rica by June, 2011.

If….if I can make this work.