I am getting back on my horse, and riding my discipline right back into my destiny!

I’ve been in a funk lately.  I’m ready to get out of it.

Managing my emotions, and my state of being, seems to be much more important lately than anything I actually do (or don’t) get done.

Looking at my life, I’m preoccupied with the survival-level generation of revenue.  My income hasn’t met my needs for some years now, and with my debt rope run out, I have to recalibrate my income to meet my needs.  Not settle for less.

But then, I find myself continually preoccupied with ways to make money instead of making greatness.  My masterpiece is languishing because I’m trying to make the cash to pay the rent.

Im renting my life, instead of owning it.

To pay my bills each month, I have to push ever harder, and with every push, I find myself slipping away from doing what I most want to do.  Being what I most want to be.  Making what I most want to make.  This is the year of the Fool, and I must pursue my dreams NOW, if I ever wish to attain them.

My life is not going to be satisfied with waiting on hold.

Therefore, I must take my masterpiece, the unique creation that only I can make, and make something of it.  I must move on this project full force, if I wish to be the success I envision.

Putting this success off while I make my monthly bills–thats obviously not working.

What I need to do is what I love, and trust that the universe will take care of me.  It always does.  Without fail.  I must trust that this inspired project, as dangerous as it may be, this is what will propel me into my future, into my destiny.

My life will not wait for me to catch up.  It is being lived, right now.  And I am going to live it.


This world wants desperately for me to succeed!  All I have to do is allow it to happen.  All I have to do is envision my perfect success, and as this happens, I become greater and more magnificent than ever before.

My life is becoming, every moment.  I am a successful genius.  I make this happen.

Because after all, who deserves success more than I?

I will focus myself wholeheartedly upon my masterpiece, and I will succeed.  I am revolutionary.  I must move forward confidently into the revolution.