I continually hone what constitutes my morning.  This next few weeks I will incorporate meditation, no excuses.

Meditation is hard for me to incorporate, because it feels like I’m not doing anything.  That is, however, the point; it allows me to process.  To digest.  I have developed digestion problems of late, because I am inundating myself with all these powerful things, but I am not turning them into usable energy.  I need to digest, and meditation is a key way to do that.

Now I use a meditation chair.  I have a 10 minute meditation track on my phone, a pair of headphones and a sturdy chair.  In the morning I will shower, make a cup of tea, and sit and listen to these sounds as I keep my mind clear.  10 minutes, I can commit to.  There are also 20 and 30 minute trakcs on this cd, called Akshara Weave.  It is a magnificent chakra meditation cd; and it gives me the illusion of doing something productive while I meditate–focusing on each of my chakras in turn.

After this meditation, I will exercise, and then prepare for my day.  This new routine should keep me focused and driven.  I’m looking forward to it.