Making your own affirmation soundtrack is surprisingly easy with Garage Band (if you have a mac) or Audacity (for PC users).  If you have decent speakers and a microphone built into your computer, follow these three steps to make a music-backed affirmations track in the next five minutes.

Step 1-Play some music

I like the chillout and dance stations on iTunes radio, but you can use any music playing on your computer.  (Just remember, due to copyright restrictions, don’t use other people’s music as an ingredient and sell the product as your own.)

Step 2-Get some affirmation lists

By googling “affirmations for success,” I found these three pages.  I opened them in different windows and resized them so they were all open for me to read.

Step 3-Record.

Play the music, read the affirmations out loud, for the length of one song.  Then you can export this track as an mp3, or play it on repeat.

Playing this track at low volume while at your computer will pour these affirmations into your subconscious.  You can listen to an example of what I made in under ten minutes by clicking here.

What do you want to manifest?  Go make it happen!