I didn’t think I was going to partake in National Novel Writing Month this year.  I really didn’t.

But I’ve got a huge project I am brainstorming on, and getting ready to move on in the next few weeks.  All I really need to do is spend some time kicking the idea into shape and putting it on paper.

Today, November 1, I found the Mac version of Dark Room, the PC-based application I used to quiet everything else on the desktop but the words I was writing.  It’s not the free version, but Write Room offers a 30-day free trial.

Thirty days have september, april june, and…my goodness!  I can write a novel on this program.  Just enough time to flesh out my ideas with 50 thousand words of brainstorming, and I can move on my project in December.

The first year I participated in this invigorating writing exercise, I took it seriously.  I had a crazy binder with scenes that moved around, outline after outline, folders dedicated to character studies…I wrote a novel and I enjoyed banging out a first draft in thirty days.

Last year, I decided to spend thirty days writing out my manifestation of how I visualized my life would be in my ideal future.  I had been seriously studying the Law of Attraction for long enough that I knew a creative art would be my surest path to elucidating and manifesting the life of my dreams.

And sure enough, I am on the way there.

This year, I will spend fifty thousand words describing people using the service I am designing.  I haven’t told anyone yet, but I know what the project of my life is going to be.  The breakout idea that will make my career and my fame.  I am only months away from its launch, and I will spend this month visualizing, dreaming, and defining.

I do not need to be a novelist to use the power of the novel form.  I like that.