The key, I have found, is to maintain a cool head no matter what happens.

Epictetus said that we have no control over our external circumstances.  All we can control is our reaction to those circumstances.

My manager called to say that the Windows upgrade which was originally scheduled for today, and cancelled, is now happening.  All of my data is likely lost on my work computer.  Can I get in right away, or call him with my password?

If I were in a different frame of mind, I may have entered a freakout.  But luckily I got this call while sitting in a cafe and blogging about the importance of maintaining a good emotional state.

So I sat back for a moment, and pondered my reaction.  What should it be?

This is a much more healthy way to have a reaction than a default freakout.  I allowed consideration its place in the process.  I called, said yeah, this sucks, here’s my password.  DOn’t send any dirty emails under my name.

I let the entire process go.  If I had gone into the office this morning, when my nine oclock appointment cancelled, I would have walked into a raging office-wide freakout.  On a day when I’m feeling sick.

When my appt canceled, I decided to take the opportunity for healing, because it was what I really wanted.  o long as I maintain this as the guideline of my directional course, and use my emotional state as my sextant, I will by fine no matter what I do.

I love this life.