As I relax here blogging about my life, I am quite stunned at how good everything has become, now that I am allowing myself to relax into life.  Into how good it can be.

I am getting a massage from my massage chair, typing on my new mac, with a belly full of beef stew and a happy body that has been exercised strongly for the past few months.  I am preparing to move into a period of intense physical training, and I see now why professional athletes can simultaneously manifest millions and millions of dollars.  Through the overpowering override that is the physical world, we have an analogous override that is our physical body.  If we are sick, or wounded, everything else is nearly insignificant.  The body can take over in terms of priority, and the same is true with feeling bad as it is with feeling good.

When your body is feeling magnificent, when it is feeling fulfilled because it is pushed to great lengths and then is rewarded by relaxation, good food, and pampering, the body comes back the next day capable of so much more.  The body has transformed; its limitations are different, its habits are reset, and challenges are approached on a different scale than they were previously perceived.

As I grow stronger, my manifestation abilities likewise follow suit.  By pampering myself, I am ensuring that the relaxation time will be fuel for my next manifestation of increase and wealth.

All good things are coming to me now.  I know it.  I can feel it.  This universe is created by our beliefs, and my belief is a sum product of the thoughts I am thinking.  By thinking this thought, again and again, I manifest this reality.  My thoughts are what I am becoming.

Consiering where my head has been lately, I am very optimistic about the man I am becoming.

I see myself in the future as a man of wealth and power, f fame and prestige, who has accomplished much in his short lifetime because of his ability to birth new ideas.  By making things happen, I improve the world around me exponentially.

Most significantly, including my life.

I am wealthy and successful.  I am strong and powerful.  I am well loved and my works are my legacy.  I am beloved of the world.  My thoughts and action become legend.