Sometimes you hit those periods in your life when you just cruise forward. I’m in the midst of one of them right now, and I am going to try to describe this state of being, so that I can return here more frequently.

The last time I had one of these states was about four months ago, after I read “The Greatest Salesman in the World.” These ten scrolls helped me do to things simultaneously: first, I became a better salesman, and second, I entered a positive, sustained emotional state three times a day for I think about three months. I read the book in February, started applying the principles, and by May I was suddenly able to manifest what I wanted in my life left and right.

The last couple months havent been bad, but I have not been able to manifest with the same amazing consistency as I had during that period–until now. Over the last seven days those incredible solutions to unnamed life problems started filling in the holes with what I emotionally wanted in my life, in completely unexpected ways.

I allow.

Thats a big part of this state of mind. I am allowing the greatness of my destiny to incorporate through me, and I am not putting my conception of the way things currently are in the path of my highest destiny’s actualization.

I love.

I bring myself into a state of love at least once a day, and spend a few moments loving something intensely; my son while he’s sleeping, my daughter when she’s laughing, my wife when she smiles at me knowingly–I hunt for those moments throughout the day when I can steal away from my ego and live in a moment of pure love.

I thank.

When I rise, my first and only thoughts are on gratitude. I spent half a year rising at 5 am fairly consistently; after focusing on exercise this summer, to bring back the gymnast body I havent had for a few years, I sacrificed on sleep, to my overall detriment. Now I snooze. And I take the snooze as part of my spiritual practice; I hit the alarm, focus on something I’m grateful for, and I bask in those feelings of gratitude while in a subconscious state. I feed the greater part of my mind, that 90% beneath the surface, with feelings of gratitude when the chamber connecting my conscious and subconscious minds is most open.

I fulfill my desires.

I ask myself, throughout my day, what do I really want right now? And then I give it to myself. I feel the fulfillment of my core desires, and as I project out this emotional state, I attract more situations of having my deepest desires fulfilled.

This is a cyclone, a snowball, a spiritual vortex where your emotions multiply, they breed like bunnies, and as you experience a moment of joy, of laughter, the entire world becomes brighter, wanting to fulfill your desire that the world be joyous and funny.

I want to brush clear the path that I am upon, so that if I should leave this state again, I can re-mind myself, by arming myself with the state of mind that has made this period of manifestation possible.

It is an emotional key. So long as I maintain a good emotional space, for as long as I can, good things happen.