Now that it’s been three years since graduating, or at least fulfilling all the requirements for my eight year bachelor degree, I have a diploma hanging on my wall.

I know I could have earned a whole nother degree by this time, but after eiight years shuffling towards a BA, I needed some time out of academia.  If I ever fulfill my name of having people refer to me as ‘the doctor,’ I will have to have a whole lot more schooling in the future.  Taking three years off to get a professional life and raise a couple of kids is definitely a good use of time.

I’m not ready yet to return, but I’m curious to see what I will be into for the next degree.  That will dictate the field of study that I specialize in over the rest of my life.  The field in which I will be an authority.

I hesitated for so long to specialize in my Bachelors, which turned out to be a BS, since that’;s most of what I did to get there–bs.  I didnt want a specialized field that early in my lifelong path, for fear of being corralled into that field for good.  I see now there may not have been as much risk of getting penned into, say, math or English, but I do think a film degree or a language degree at that early age would have made me feel that I had to pursue study in that direction.

Much as I now feel I must declare the direction with my masters, but really, if someone has three disparate areas in their degree cycle, it does nothing but accentuate their capabilities.

I have already learned how to think, with my bachelors.  Now I must decide where to apply my thoughts.

When someone gets a degree higher than I now have, they must contribute to the field in some way.  They must, in defending a thesis, move the field forward.  (Or at least thats the theory.)

What field do I wish to advance?

I have an interest in the occult, in prosperity, in manifestation.  I could weave these three into a study of hypnotherapy, the mind, the capability of shaping reality.  Even throw in a quantum physics class or two.