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Four Cornerstones of a Stellar Platform

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Website Designer, Digital Marketer, Retired Superhero

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Caelan Huntress thrives at the overlap of artist and geek. As a WordPress Website Designer, he has published thousands of pages of digital content over the past seven years, and sent email newsletters to millions of people. When the Internet was in its infancy, Caelan was a freelance writer, and became a popular blogger for many now-defunct websites. His specialty is working with authors looking to expand their digital impact, and creating certificate-bearing online courses.

Caelan is the father of 3 children, and when he is not working, he participates in their homeschooling and play.

2-3 benefits (i.e. what will the person walking away know or be able to do?)

Establish your persona and brand online

Differentiate yourself from your competition

Clearly define the difference between your Personal Brand and Business Brand

4-7 point webinar description

  • Position – Your Brand and Message
  • Solution – How You Solve Your Customers’ Problem
  • Process – How Money Comes and Goes
  • Funnel – Marketing from Stranger to Customer

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  1. What is your biggest marketing challenge?
  2. What is your biggest Internet challenge?
  3. What is the biggest challenge with your clinic?

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Caelan is writing an article on the 6 Naturopathic Principles, and would like to interview 6 naturopaths for this article.

If you could take the time to tell your story about how you have seen one of the Naturopathic Principles applied (or broken) in your practice, Caelan will reward you for your story with a free copy of his ebook, ’10 Ways to Wake Up Early (And Like It)’