Register for the Money Mindset Mastermind, a free weekly group video call hosted by Caelan Huntress

“They say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it regularly.” – Zig Ziglar

Your mindset takes work. As someone who grew up with a poverty mindset, I know how diligent you have to be to reframe your attitude towards wealth and abundance. It helps to have some accountability, and community, so that’s why I’m starting a Money Mindset Mastermind.

This weekly group meeting will last for 60 minutes, and follows a simple agenda:

  • Reading of Andrew Carnegie’s Mastermind Opening
  • Everyone shares their Wins for the week
  • Everyone shares 1 Challenge they faced
  • Everyone shares their Commitments
  • Review of last week’s Commitments
  • Show and Tell – 1 book, program, or exercise described
  • Guided Meditation – 10-15 minute recorded guided meditation
  • Sharing of Gratitudes


links to resources for the week, and to launch zoom, and the date and time for next meeting, and replay of last week’s recording