Custom digital marketing packages for entrepreneurs with better things to do.

Selling and marketing made easy.

I’m a Digital Marketer with experience in sales and copywriting.

As that rare blend of artist and geek, I’m good at figuring out the systems that make selling easy.

My clients want to focus on doing their best work, not troubleshooting their email software.

I help entrepreneurs set up the systems that collect & convert leads on autopilot, so they can stay on message and focus on the work they were born to do.

I’m like the outsourced Chief Marketing Officer for entrepreneurs who don’t want an entire marketing department for good, but they want to fix their marketing tech, or launch a new offer, or reach a new audience, right now.

Here’s some of the ways I can help you do that:

About Caelan Huntress

I help business owners articulate, improve, and promote their offers to their audience.

For the past ten years I’ve been a Solopreneur, as a digital marketer, sales strategist, and online trainer. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients on their digital infrastructure, their business models, and their sales funnels. My specialty has become helping thought leaders, freelancers, and business owners earn more profit by working less.

I started coaching because I love having transformative conversations with entrepreneurs, and helping them arrive at a new insight or idea that transforms how they think about their business.

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