I spent a few years focused on the craft of fiction writing. Before we had kids, I was sure this was the direction my life would go; after kids, I saw it wasn’t worthy enough to support a family as the sole breadwinner.

(Disclaimer: I love the craft of being an artist, but I hate the poverty of being a starving artist.)

I will probably return to fiction later in life, after I’ve made my fortune. These are the contents of my drawer of unpublished work.

  • “Machiavelli,” feature length screenplay
  • “Caffeine,” feature length screenplay
  • “The Sword of Mace,” a 119,000 word fantasy novel
  • “Collateral Damage,” one-act play, produced March 2003 by Chrysostomos
  • “The Viscount Engagement,” one-act guerilla theater, produced 12/31/1999
  • “Dungeon Ranger,” 27,000 word interactive gamebook, self-published June 2005
  • “After the Scourge,” 4,000 word short story, published by Confluence Magazine
  • “The Perfect Ending,” a 3,300 word short story
  • “Old Orleans,” a 2800 word short story, published 6/2006
  • “Looking After Hercules,” Honorable Mention, 2005 Diomedes Short Story Competition
  • “Care Package,” a 5-minute comedy sketch performed by the Thinkers, 2005
  • “Broken Blade,” a 14-issue graphic novel series