I am a lot of different people all at once.

At my core, I am a performer.  This allows me to take on the different facets of my personality, many of which I have to keep from overshadowing the others.

Some people know me as the nice insurance salesman.

Others see me sprint by as I climb the cityscape.

Two toddlers know me as a father.  One woman knows me as a lover and a best friend.

I perform in many roles; as a writer, a public speaker, a businessman, a dancer, a moderator, a stuntman, an emcee, a salesman, a tarot card reader, an actor, a magician, and occasionally as something even stranger.

My life is a study in juxtaposition.  I juggle flaming torches, and I sell life insurance.  I get the irony.

You have seen me perform in one of my roles; by perusing this site you will be exposed to others.

Don’t be scared.  I’m just various.