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  • All your marketing systems are a confusing mess
  • You want to stop “marketing by accident” so you can sell more easily and more often
  • There isn’t enough time for new marketing on top of everything else
  • You spend too much time doing things that don’t work
  • You’re not even sure where to begin when it comes to marketing…

 I get it. I’ve been in every single one of those situations.




  • Knowing exactly what to say to generate new leads and build your list
  • Having a system that automatically converts new leads into clients and customers
  • All the mechanics are sorted, and you just have to provide content
  • You can spending your time doing what you want, instead of chasing the next few bucks

Generate Leads Automatically With The Marketing Automation Planner

What is in the program?

There are 4 weekly workbooks in the Marketing Automation Planer:

Module 1: Opt-In Options
Module 2: Your Welcome Email
Module 3: The Thank-You Page
Module 4: Email Onboarding Series

Who Is This Program For?

  • Entrepreneurs without a marketing department
  • Freelancers who feel like the ‘best kept secret’
  • Solopreneurs who have to manage their own marketing
  • Content creators who want to build their audience
  • Marketers who don’t want to be selling, but want their systems to do the selling for them

This Program Contains:

  • Google Doc Workbooks to simplify your content creation
  • Short instructional videos providing step-by-step instructions
  • Copy-paste copywriting templates to produce fast
  • Case studies of landing pages, emails, and thank-you pages
  • Show-and-Tell community where you can show off your work and get feedback

Each module contains 4 lessons, with short videos under 10 minutes in length.

You can create your own Marketing Automation Planner in a weekend at a fast pace, or over 30 days at the leisurely pace of one module/week.

Get the Marketing Automation Planner


  • Module 1 – Options for Opt-Ins
    1. Headlines and CTAs
    2. Fillable fields
    3. Hosting a landing page
    4. Templates & tools
  • Module 2 – Your Welcome Email
    1. Introducing yourself
    2. The Welcome Mat
    3. Confirmation & deliverability
    4. Templates & tools
  • Module 3 – The Thank-you Page
    1. Maximum curiosity
    2. Strategic generosity
    3. Viral sharing
    4. Templates & tools
  • Module 4 – Email Onboarding Series
    1. Copywriting a showroom tour
    2. ESP Uploading
    3. Testing and revision
    4. Templates and tools

The entire workshop should take 30 days to complete.

There are 4 modules, and you can work on one module every week.

Each module has 4 lessons, and each lesson has one short video (most less than 10 minutes) demonstrating how to do the work, step-by-step.

Each module also contains a Templates & Tools section with swipe files and case studies. (Some of those videos are longer.)

This is a pre-recorded video course, with step-by-step instructions for each of the 4 weekly modules.

The goal of this course is to complete one workbook, your Marketing Automation Planner, in 30 days.

You can do this on your own time, at your own schedule.

You don’t actually need any technical skills – if you can write in a Google Doc or a fillable PDF, you can complete all of the lessons in this program.

You will need to have a website and an email newsletter list – or be capable of setting them up during this program – or have someone help you with technical implementation. (By giving someone else a completed MAP workbook, any marketing technician will be able to set up your systems quickly and easily.)

This course is designed to be tech agnostic. No matter what tech stack you have – Mailchimp and WordPress, or all Kajabi, or ConvertKit and Freshbooks and Calendly, this course will work for you.

No matter what technical SaaS companies provide you the infrastructure for your business, there is always a strategy for what you say, and when you say it. This course focuses on creating and articulating that strategy, which you can then apply to whatever technical tools you use.

After 30 days of working through this course, if you have not received the value you expected out of this program, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

*Please note – to process the refund, I require an exit interview to learn why it did not work out for you.

“This program has massively changed my business. I find that it’s all too easy to put aside the crappy work, but it’s easy to get it done with other people. Each week Caelan had a workbook, or a spreadsheet, or a template that helped me do the challenging foundational work that nobody else can do but me, and now, I have a stream of new clients coming to me because of what I’ve accomplished in this program.”

Erin Donley

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