Professional Clarity

By | February 13th, 2017|Business, Entrepreneur, Introspection|

I've decided to get clear about what I do.   For years, the unofficial feedback I get from people is, "I'm not entirely sure what it is you do, Caelan - but I know it has something to do with computers!"   I've heard this so many times, so consistently over the years, it's been [...]

Annual Review 2016

By | December 31st, 2016|Introspection|

2016 was a year of building momentum. I spent a lot of this year pivoting, and shedding things that didn't contribute to my two major life goals: Raising my kids Building my fortune Having these two goals as the compass points to orient my life's decisions has been clarifying, and helped me recognize what Warren Buffet [...]

Pivot to Pivot

By | December 19th, 2016|Business, Entrepreneur, Introspection, The Good Stuff|

I took almost a year off of this blog, and there were many reasons for my absence. The biggest reason is: during 2016 I pivoted my main brand three times. Pivot 1: Pivot 2: Pivot 3: Pivot One Internally, I still call this project Father Fitness, even though it went [...]

Annual Review 2015

By | December 31st, 2015|Introspection|

This was a great year. 2015 gave me more victories than failures, and instead of pressing courageously forward, this year I paused to marshal my resources, and decide on the direction I want to go for the next five years. The biggest lesson I learned this year: I've now been a member of Fizzle for [...]

Pioneer Nation 2015 Recap

By | October 23rd, 2015|Introspection|

Pioneer Nation is a gathering of internet creatives with a blog and a passion, committed to doing what they decided was their work in the world. There's this weird synergy at the convergence of authenticity, audience, and the Internet, where people can find a good problem to be solved and offer a solution to anyone who has this [...]

The Re-launch of my Weekly Newsletter – Habits of Excellence

By | August 4th, 2015|Introspection|

Writing a newsletter can be very rewarding, stressful, introspective, lucrative, and ineffective. My weekly newsletter habit has been inconstant over the past ten years, and has gone through a lot of incarnations. This is what I've learned so far: The regularity of writing every week keeps your writing polished. It is only through regular exercise [...]

Projects of Passion

By | March 10th, 2015|Family, Introspection|

Have you ever had that one project you could never put down? A passion that haunts you, and won’t let you go, no matter how many failures you encounter along the way? That’s how treasure hunts have been for me. When I’m making a treasure hunt, walking through a city looking for hidden locations in plain sight, I’m making my dreams come true. It surprised me to realize that I have spent five years actively trying to get these treasure hunts to work. Once I made a real-life superhero to try implementing this concept on a city-wide basis, and although the project spectacularly failed, I was able to work with the idea enough that I was finally able to make a functional treasure hunt for World Domination Summit in 2014. (Disclaimer: I also made a treasure hunt for WDS in 2013 as well, but in keeping with my RLSH character, I did it guerilla-style. It was totally unsanctioned and without permission. People still had a good time doing it anyways. You can read about that first treasure hunt here.) While I’m out scouting for locations to hide my treasure chests, flexing my clever muscles to construct the riddles and clues that stitch them all together, I always feel more passionate and alive. This cause for this could very well be that one of the best moments of my life was during my very first treasure hunt, when I proposed to my wife. […]

The Hero in Prison

By | January 19th, 2015|Introspection|

Reading the Letter From Birmingham Jail was the beginning of my philosophical studies. Written by Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1963, this letter was the first rational and ethical defense I had read of the imprisoned man. I was eighteen years old, in plenty of trouble with the law, and in between punishments for crimes that I did [...]

2014 annual review

By | December 31st, 2014|Introspection|

2014 was a good year. The year before was a year of great upheaval for the Huntress Clan; we moved 4 times, left Costa Rica, and returned to the United States. 2014 was a year of landing, of digging roots, and gaining momentum. The two regular habits I use to look at the year past and the year ahead, declaring my new years resolutions and drawing a tarot card on my birthday, are being complemented this year by a third exercise during this period of introspection: the Annual Review. This is a regular habit of Chris Guillebeau and the WDS community, so I’m jumping on the bandwagon to give it a try. It works like this: what went well last year, and what could have gone better? Two simple questions. Two simple lists. (I just love lists.) My victories for 2014: Landed in a new home – after moving so many times in a twelve month period, I am grateful to be living in one place, and not spending half of my home life figuring out how to get the chores done. […]

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