Every year, I publish an Annual Review on my personal website on the last day of the year, and declare my New Year’s Resolutions on the first.

This annual exercise gives me an easy diary to review. The two links above go to tags on my website, displaying every yearly post since 2014 neatly organized. It’s great for me to have a series of posts that chart my growth, and the evolution of my thinking, and document the changes in geography and lifestyle I’ve made as I’ve gone through the last decade.

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In the past, I have been very casual about setting ambitious resolutions. I’m well aware most resolutions don’t make it past February. But I think breaking New Year’s Resolutions is good for you, so I’ve been happy to set resolutions I didn’t keep.

In every Annual Review I grade that year’s Resolutions: Resolution Kept, Some Success, or Not Kept.

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In Part 3 of my Annual Review, I look back on the resolutions I made the year before to analyze my progress. Each one gets a badge, one of the three icons above, and I honor my commitment by reviewing how it went (or it didn’t).

This year, I’m doing something different. I was inspired by last week’s – no, I mean last month’s – no, I mean last year’s – 22-minute Goalsetting Workshop.

This year, I only made 5 New Year’s Resolutions.


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I share the story of Warren Buffet’s ‘Avoid at All Costs’ list in this year’s post, and why focusing on 5 makes more sense to me this year.

With luck, I’ll put the ‘Resolution Kept’ badge next to all 5 during next year’s Annual Review.

Do you have any annual traditions that you use to calibrate your year? Hit ‘reply’ and tell me, I love hearing how other people align their life to their goals and dreams.